A black and white Game Boy Camera photo of evergreen trees silhouetted by the sky

Hey y'all!

Welcome back - I hope everyone is staying safe and warm in the new year. Here in Seattle, I actually saw snow flurries outside my window this morning!

So, what have I been up to lately?

Things are pretty slow with Bitsy just now, but there are still a couple pieces of news:

Outside of Bitsy, I'm steadily chipping away at the exploration platformer game I've been working on for a while, and I've been posting about it (mostly screenshots) from time to time over on cohost.org. It's been a nice low effort way to feel like I'm making progress. After I'm done with the game I'm hoping to spend some time writing in more depth about the process of making it, what my goals were, and the various tools I've used or made while working on it.

Until then, here's a GIF of a funky rendering bug I'm still trying to fix:

GIF of videogame where random sprite textures show up when the player jumps

What am I reading?

What am I playing?

Here are a couple of Bitsy games I played recently that I thought were great:

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