Hey, hello, check check. Is this thing on? >:P

Welcome to my blog!

For a while I've I have had it in the back of my head that "someday" I'd set up a personal blog, but recent events over at Twitter motivated me to make someday *today*.

A brief introduction: My name is Adam Le Doux and if you know me you probably know me from my work on Bitsy.

My plan for this blog is to post updates on what I'm working on, thinking about, reading, and playing. I'm not certain yet how frequent those posts will be, but my starting goal is roughly once a month.

In that spirit, here are some things I worked on in the past couple of months:

Thanks for reading! If you have thoughts on this blog or just want to say "hi", my email is listed on my homepage. I hope I'll see you around! :)

- Adam

P.S. A note about the URL change: If you've followed my work for a while, you might be used to my homepage being ledoux.io. When I bought that address I didn't know about .io's origins, but I've since learned about its history and it's become impossible for me to ignore both the ethical and practical concerns with making that my main address. So I'm transitioning to using adamledoux.net! For a while ledoux.io will continue to work (so I don't break a ton of old links) but I'll be phasing it out over time.